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Although traditionally thought of as a treatment to alleviate back pain and other spinal conditions the effects of Chiropractic are far more wide ranging.

Chiropractic can also help many other problems including neck pain, shoulder pain and stiffness, arms, hip pain, knee pain, painful arthritic joints, headaches/migraines, muscular aches and pains. Chiropractic can be helpful throughout the 2nd and 3rd stages of pregnancy.

Our Chiropractors Annette Wright and Tom Ellis treat patients of all ages.

The benefits of Chiropractic range from simply making life more comfortable on a day to day basis, to resolving acute problems and helping people continue to lead an active life. Including in some instances playing sports and staying competitive at all levels.

During a treatment we use our hands to gently adjust the bones and joints, allowing nerve impulses to flow freely from the brain to the body and back.  When the body is free from interference it has an remarkable ability to heal itself and become pain free.

The first appointment takes up to 1½ hours and within this time gather a medical history from you, ask about your lifestyle and activities and discuss the problem you are currently experiencing. This allows the Chiropractor to decide on the best treatment for you and begin your treatment.

Subsequent appointments are booked for 30 minutes to allow for reassessment and treatment.  We rarely see patients more than once a week, as we believe that the body needs time to stabilise between sessions. The number of treatments you would need will depend on many variables but your Chiropractor will try to give you an estimate when they discuss your care in the initial appointment.

We use the McTimoney method of Chiropractic – a particularly low force but effective style of Chiropractic: to find out more about McTimoney visit:


A survey of McTimoney patients found that most reported feeling better in 2 to 10 sessions and 98% said they were ‘more than happy’ with the results.